Enlightenment VIA @Envato #Envato

@Envato #Envato #IDontKnowIfYouKnewBUTIThoughtOfYou #IDKIYKBITOY Web Themes & Templates WP Themes HTML Templates Shopify Themes Bootstrap Themes Free WordPress Themes Video After Effects Templates Apple Motion Templates Video Effects Lower Thirds Stock Footage Audio Royalty Free Music Sound Effects Best Selling Royalty Free Music Logic Pro Files Background Music Code WordPress Plugins PHP Script JavaScript CSS […]

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Do You Know Why Words Are So Powerful?

You can Theoretically Obliterate a whole wrongly enforced systematic social construct with just one. Melioration When a term begins as pejorative and eventually is adopted in a non-pejorative sense, this is called “melioration” in historical linguistics. It may also be called amelioration, reclaiming,or semantic change. Some examples of melioration are “punk“, “dude” and “nerd“. Pejorative […]

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So Boom. Idea 🌪

If you haven’t noticed I absolutely love for signing up for any and everything on the webs BUT ESPECIALLY resources or references &A N D I got to thinking about what my financial advisor mentioned about expenses and such & B O O M IF we had like a Google folder spreadsheet that had usernames&passwords […]

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15 useful activies worth your time.

Working out — I especially like strength training because being strong is one of the most useful things in life. Sitting behind your desk for hours, going shopping, traveling — your life will be a lot easier when you’re physically strong. Spending time with people you love — It doesn’t really matter what you do. […]

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