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Which Airlines Offer In-Flight Wi-Fi?
These airlines DO NOT provide Wi-fi

Allegiant and Frontier are low-budget carriers and are unlikely to install the costly hardware in-flight Wi-Fi requires. Passengers using those services want cheap flights and offering an in-flight Wi-Fi amenity isn’t cost effective. After all, anything that increases the cost of a ticket is to be avoided.

Hawaiian, on the other hand, isn’t a low budget carrier. The Hawaiian state flag carrier is investigating in-flight Wi-Fi options and expects to decide in 2019.

The United States third budget carrier, Spirit, is currently upgrading its entire fleet with in-flight Wi-Fi.

Outside of the US, carriers are also taking up the in-flight Wi-Fi mantle.

Europe and the Rest of the World
RyanAir, EasyJet, Norwegian, Vueling, Wizz Air, and Eurowings dominate the inter-European market.

In-flight Wi-Fi access is a mixed bag. Vueling, Eurowings, and Norwegian all offer in-flight Wi-Fi; Vueling and Norwegian are free for every passenger.

EasyJet has a device connection portal on some flights, depending on the age of the airplane, where you can connect to and stream a limited range of films and shows, but no actual web browsing, social media, or otherwise. Wizz Air has nothing all, so make sure you load up your devices with shows before leaving home.

But that’s just the budget carriers. The national and long-haul carriers all now offer in-flight Wi-Fi in some format, while British Airways is aiming to update its entire fleet by 2019.

Across the Middle East and Asia, it is a similar story. There are numerous low cost and premium carriers all offering in-flight Wi-Fi. ANA, Emirates, Cebu Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern, EVA Air, Etihad, Garuda Indonesia, Philippine Airways, Qatar Airways, Quantas, and others allow you to connect to the internet on your flight.

Of course, check each airline for specific details before you fly as to avoid disappointment (or shock at a terrible deal).

One massive misnomer on the global in-flight Wi-Fi market is India. In 2016, the Indian government banned in-flight Wi-Fi, despite assurances from the Indian aviation ministry that the technology is completely safe. Other airlines even went as far as turning off in-flight Wi-Fi to comply with Indian airspace regulations.

In May 2018, the Indian government and Telecom Commission approved the introduction of in-flight Wi-Fi to flights within India, as well as those aircraft within its airspace.