So Boom. Idea 🌪

If you haven’t noticed I absolutely love for signing up for any and everything on the webs BUT ESPECIALLY resources or references &A N D

I got to thinking about what my financial advisor mentioned about expenses and such & B O O M

IF we had like a Google folder spreadsheet that had usernames&passwords for whatever subscription sites (ex:Place It) & we S H A R E IT

Like penpals but for subscriptions

Like we all been doing for Netflix &such



that are useful to whomever it applies to (artists 🎨 authors 📖 everyone 🌎 or no one but me [apologies beforehand if anything I send your way from my pure place of sharing freely is ever triggering/ upsetting/offensive to you or you’re wondering “Why On Earth did SHE send ME ¿¡THAT!?

most likely because I allow (not let) the spirit to divinely guide me for the most part when it comes down to with whom to share it with, whether to expect response or not & if it’s thought to be of future value in ANY way.

I’d rather not be one

To estimate the value of a variable outside a known range from values within that range by assuming that the estimated value follows logically from the known ones

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